How to Keep your Suede Shoes Clean?

Suede is a soft and fragile material with a delicate and elegant texture.
Therefore, cleaning suede shoes is just as delicate.
Unlike other materials, suede is very resistant to cleaning products, water and soap. So, to wash your suede shoes, avoid water at all costs. This delicate skin absorbs it immediately and the marks impregnate quickly, and for a long time. The ideal is to regularly perform a delicate care of your suede shoes.

First, place paper inside your shoes, to absorb any moisture.

Then, thoroughly scrub the dirt with your suede brush in one direction and take care not to scratch the skin. Insist on stubborn stains or try with a slightly thicker brush.
If you want to wash them properly, you need to clean your shoes over their entire surface.

  • To clean a suede shoe with encrusted or discolored stains, apply a mixture of warm water and vinegar to the brush. Rub and pat down with a clean cloth.

  • For oil stains that are still wet, sprinkle corn flour on the stain, and allow to dry overnight.

The next day, scrub with your suede brush, and let the shoe dry completely.

Use a waterproofing spray that will protect the surface of the suede against raindrops, moisture and superficial splashes.

Remember to read carefully the product instructions and ventilate the room well

But if you want to avoid washing your suede shoes, a good way to maintain them is to take great care, daily.
Here are some tips to help you: 
Follow the weather, and if the rain is on the agenda, plan another pair! Store your suede accessory in good condition. Avoid unventilated wet rooms that tend to accumulate dust and dirt.
If you transport them, avoid putting them in a plastic bag and other hermetic material: the suede may "sweat”, and moisture stains may appear. Choose a cloth bag or pillowcase.

These tips for maintaining and cleaning will help your suede shoes last longer and in better condition.