Made to Move: Travel Time Favorites

Of all the lamentable things about the state of travel today, perhaps the most jarring is the utter lack of presentability of many (most?) of one's fellow passengers. Perhaps coinciding with the general slough in the quality of the overall customer experience, it sometimes seems as though even the most frequent flyers often eschew looking their Sunday sharpest nowadays, opting instead for the most comfortably casual kit possible in an attempt to offset the discomfort foisted upon them by what are increasingly close quarters, streamlined service models, and seemingly endless delays.

Part of that challenge is because up until recently, one had to choose between looking sharp and being comfortable. Suits and sportcoats were built with much more structure and heft, trousers considered dressy enough to pair with a jacket were almost always made in heavier gauge, less forgiving fabrics. Even footwear that measured up aesthetically with a more polished overall look always seemed to fall short in the realm of comfort - we're looking at you, leather soles.

But as dictated by our detail-driven design ethos, we believe the solution to fit and comfort-related problems lies in the make and materials. And because we not only prefer to elevate our travel wardrobe at every opportunity, but also offer our fellow travelers, mercifully, a viable (read: comfortable) option to do the same, we craft much of our clothing with mobility in mind - classic dressy garments that are made to move, yet never lose their shape. 

We start with luxuriously soft yet sturdy materials like hopsack wool from renowned Italian mill Reda, 100% Italian brushed cotton flannel, or Italian cotton in a dobby weave. We add innovative elements like extra thick Italian buttons and our proprietary one-piece collar, purpose built to stylishly stand up to the rigors of the road. We then craft garments that are engineered to move, designed without extra bulk in a sleek European cut, and will keep you looking rakish and ready regardless of travel's inevitable wear and tear.

With holiday travel season ahead, every ounce of comfort matters. Read on for some topline tips to look your sharpest from departure to destination. And explore our Travel Time collection - a well-appointed selection of garments that are comfortable but crisp, soft but not slouchy - and enjoy the best of both fashion and fluidity from shoulder to shoetop.

Versatility is Key
A perfect example of the ultimate travel garment is our Ocean Tropical Wool Blazer. True travel-ready garments must not only allow you to look ship-shape in the outfit you are in, but also give you several easy options to switch things up without having to carry around a wardrobe's worth of items. This not only saves valuable space and weight in one's luggage, but allow helps in the case of the inevitable change of plans/arrival times. A fresh shirt and a change of pants in one's carry-on means a quick stop in the restroom and you can head straight to your destination dinner, once your planned stop over at the hotel is negated due to delays.

Material Matters
In addition to versatility of outfits, materials like hopsack weave tropical wool, with its natural mobility and breathability, and soft Italian flannel in our Luxury Flannel One-Piece Button Down Collar Shirt allow you to stay warm when needed and keep cool when called upon. While the luxuriously soft hand of those materials, along with the high gauge cotton weave of our impeccably made dress shirts, remain soft to the touch while also retaining their shape. For travel wear, quality matters even more, and we offer it in spades.

The Weight is Over
Quarters are cramped enough on the planes, trains, and automobiles of holiday travel season. The last thing one needs is more bulk. Our sleek European cut, the minimalist, soft shoulder construction of our sport coats and outerwear, and the quality European cotton we employ throughout our Pants offerings give you sturdiness without the structure: a true weight off your shoulders. Consider those our gift to you.