On Location: Miami

We've always had a soft spot in our heart for the Atlantic beaches of south Florida, in particular Palm Beach and of course Miami. Something about the manner in which the entire energy of the communities there seems to buzz off of a cosmic connection they have to the aquamarine waters crashing gently ashore nearby, the air of joy that accompanies near constant warmth and sunshine, and the stylish, vibrant hum of life that those elements generate in each place.

Vastly different of course, even given their sun kissed similarities: Palm Beach is an epicenter of elegance, refinement, and sophisticated, tasteful displays of opulence, where the time to be seen is when the sun is up, and the style of dress and the pace of play proceed accordingly. Palm Beach feels like perfectly prepared meal in a beautifully appointed restaurant, with the right mix of conversation and observation, with every dish arriving at precisely the right moment. It is a joy in every sense, and takes its time in being so. And is thus a place to be seen. And the people there go to bed at some point.

Miami, on the other hand, is something to see, at all hours. That same sunny vibe that defines Palm Beach, the same hues of circus peanut orange and faded turquoise and stucco white, the same joie de vivre birthed from knowing that 85% of the mornings there will greet you with the same warm, sunny slate to start each day...but with a high performance, turbo charged engine and slightly less comfortable seats. Miami is a delicious Cuban sandwich to go, on the way home from a 7PM trip to the gym, after a day spent on the beach, en route to a quick shower and change, before heading out for a noisy night on the town that won't end until well into the next morning (if that's what you want).

But that's the beauty of it as well. The energy is palpable. The people are beautiful, if eminently busy. Everyone is out and about, pretty much at all hours, always looking to enjoy every delicious element the city has to offer, in however large a portion it is willing and able to serve it.

It was that backdrop and that energy that drove our Spring/Summer photo shoot. With the help of an immense dose of professionalism on both sides of the lens, a strong, unrelenting sun (albeit buffeted by an unnervingly chilly wind on day one), and an incredible array of unmistakably stylish, impeccably made, luxury menswear, to go along with the sophisticated, sun-splashed locations at which we shot, we were able to capture the Tropezien soul of our brand as well as its now well-established American edge: a modern mash-up of old school inspiration and contemporary execution. The timeless appeal of the Preppy aesthetic, but in a decidedly modern vernacular. Crémieux to the core. 

Take a sneak peak at spring with our Warm Wishes resort preview collection and pick up some vacation essentials for that well-earned excursion. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our Spring/Summer 2020 offering (coming soon in full) as much as we have enjoyed building it and bringing it to you!